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Aircraft Design, Aerospace Structures, Computational Aerodynamics, Energy Harvesting for Aerospace Applications

[30].- Curiel-Sosa, JL, Tafazzolimoghaddam & B, Zhang, C (2018). Modelling fracture and delamination in composite laminates: energy release rate and interface stress. Composite Structures , 189, 641-647.

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[29].- Abdullah NA, Curiel-Sosa JL & Akbar M (2018) Aeroelastic assessment of cracked composite plate by means of fully coupled finite element and Doublet Lattice Method. Composite Structures (in press).

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[28].- M Akbar & JL Curiel-Sosa. Evaluation of piezoelectric energy harvester under dynamic bending by means of hybrid mathematical/isogeometric analysis. Int J of Mechanics and Materials in Design, (in-press).   

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[26].- NA Abdullah, JL Curiel-Sosa, ZA Taylor, JL Martinez Vicente, C Zhang. Transversal crack and delamination of laminates using XFEM, Composite Structures, 173, 78-85.

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[20].- Akbar, M and Curiel-Sosa, JL. Piezoelectric energy harvester composite under dynamic bending with implementation to aircraft wingbox structure. Composite Structures, 153 (2016), 193-203.

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[17].- Curiel-Sosa, JL. Review on 'Introduction to Aeronautics: A Design Perspective' by SA Brandt, AIAA series. The Aeronautical Journal, November (2015).

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[10].- Beg OA, Mahabaleshwar US, Rashidi MM, Rahimzadeh N, Curiel-Sosa JL, Sarris I & Laraqi N (2014) Homotopy analysis of magnetohydrodynamic convection flow in manufacture of a viscoelastic fabric for space applications. International Journal for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 10 (10): 9-49.

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[6].- J.L. Curiel Sosa and N. Karapurath, 2012. Delamination modelling of  GLARE using the Extended Finite Element Method. Composite Science Technology, 72 (7): 788-791.

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