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[31].- Zhang C, Curiel-Sosa JL & Bui TQ (2018) Meso-Scale Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of 3D Braided Composites Subjected to Biaxial Tension Loadings. Applied Composite Materials, 1-19.

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[30].- Curiel-Sosa, JL, Tafazzolimoghaddam & B, Zhang, C (2018). Modelling fracture and delamination in composite laminates: energy release rate and interface stress. Composite Structures , 189, 641-647.

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[29].- Abdullah NA, Curiel-Sosa JL & Akbar M (2018) Aeroelastic assessment of cracked composite plate by means of fully coupled finite element and Doublet Lattice Method. Composite Structures (in press).

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[28].- M Akbar & JL Curiel-Sosa. Evaluation of piezoelectric energy harvester under dynamic bending by means of hybrid mathematical/isogeometric analysis. Int J of Mechanics and Materials in Design, (in-press).   

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[26].- NA Abdullah, JL Curiel-Sosa, ZA Taylor, JL Martinez Vicente, C Zhang. Transversal crack and delamination of laminates using XFEM, Composite Structures, 173, 78-85.

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[24].- Chao Zhang, Curiel-Sosa, JL and Enock A Duodu. Finite element analysis of the damage mechanism of 3D braided composites under high-velocity impact. J Mater Sci,  52(8) (2017), 4658–4674.

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[23].- Chao Zhang, JL Curiel-Sosa, Tinh Quoc Bui. A novel interface constitutive model for prediction of stiffness and strength in 3D braided composites. Composite Structures, 163 (2017), 32-43

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[21].- C Zhang, JL Curiel-Sosa, TQ Bui, 2017. Comparison of periodic and free meshon the mechanical properties prediciton of 3D braided composites. Composite Structures, 159 (1) (2017), 667-676.

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[20].- Akbar, M and Curiel-Sosa, JL. Piezoelectric energy harvester composite under dynamic bending with implementation to aircraft wingbox structure. Composite Structures, 153 (2016), 193-203.

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[18].- Navarro-Zafra, J, Curiel-Sosa, JL, Serna Moreno, MC, 2016. Three-dimensional static and dynamic analysis of a composite cruciform structure subjected to biaxial loading: a discontinuum approach. Applied Composite Materials. 23 (2) (2016), 139-154.

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[15].- Navarro-Zafra, J, Curiel-Sosa, JL, Serna Moreno, MC. Mixed-mode damage into a CGRP cruciform subjected to biaxial loading. Composite Structures, 133 (2015), 1093-1100.

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[12].- M.C. Serna Moreno, J.L. Curiel-Sosa, J. Navarro-Zafra, J.L. Martinez Vicente, J.J. Lopez Cela. Crack propagation in a chopped glass-reinforced composite under biaxial testing by means of XFEM. Composite Structures, 119: 264-271.

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[8].- J.L. Curiel Sosa, S. Phaneendra, J.J. Muñoz, 2013. Modelling of mixed damage on fibre-reinforced composite laminates subjected to low velocity impact. Int J of Damage Mechanics, 22(3):356-374.

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[6].- J.L. Curiel Sosa and N. Karapurath, 2012. Delamination modelling of  GLARE using the Extended Finite Element Method. Composite Science Technology, 72 (7): 788-791.

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[3].- J.L. Curiel Sosa, N. Petrinic and J. Weigand, 2008. A three-dimensional progressive damage model for fibre-composite materials. Mechanics Research Communications, 35 (4): 219-221.

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