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Computer Methods in Engineering, Numerical Methods, Finite Element Analyses

Multiscale Modelling, XFEM, IGA, XIGA, CAD

[25].- Lai W, Tiantang Y, Bui TQ, Wang Z, Curiel-Sosa JL, Das R & Hirose S. 3-D elasto-plastic large deformations: IGA simulation by Bézier extraction of NURBS. Advances in Engineering Software, 108 (2017), 68–82.

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[22].- Wang, Yu, TQ Bui, Tanaka, Doan, Zhang, Hirose, JL Curiel-Sosa. 3-D local mesh refinement XFEM with variable-node hexahedron elements for extraction of stress intensity factors of straight and curved planar cracks. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 313 (1) (2017), 375-405.

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[19].- Carneiro Molina, AJ, Curiel-Sosa, JL, 2016. A large strains finite element multiscale approach. Int J Computational Methods in Engineering Science & Mechanics, 17 (1) (2016), 46-58.

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[13].- A.J.  Carneiro Molina, J.L.  Curiel-Sosa. A multiscale finite element technique for nonlinear multiphase materials. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 94 (2015), 64-80.

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[11].- D. Tripathy, O. Anwar Beg and J.L. Curiel-Sosa, 2014. Homotopy semi-numerical simulation of peristaltic flow of generalized Oldroy-B fluids with slip effects. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 17(4):433-442.

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[9].- J.L. Curiel-Sosa, O.A. Beg, J.M. Liebana Murillo, 2013. Finite element analysis of structural instabilities using a switching implicit/explicit tecnique. Int J Computational Methods in Engineering Science & Mechanics, 14(5): 452-464.

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[7].- J.L. Curiel-Sosa and D.R.J. Owen, 2013. Conmutacion temporal de tecnicas numericas implicita y explicita para simulacion de estructuras no lineales inestables. Rev Int Met Num Calc Dis Ing,  29(3): 92-103.

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[4].- J.L. Curiel Sosa and A.J. Gil, 2009. Analysis of a continuum-based beam element in the framework of explicit FEM. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 45, 583-591. 

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[1].- J.L. Curiel Sosa, E A. de Souza Neto and D.R.J. Owen, 2006. A combined implicit-explicit algorithm in time for nonlinear finite element analysis. Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering. 22, 63-75.

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