Dr Curiel-Sosa


I am a lecturer of  Aircraft Design and Aircraft Aeroelasticity at the University of Sheffield. I have  conducted research in the field of computer-aided engineering, structural integrity of composite aerostructures and nonlinear materials since 2002. My main expertise focusses on the development of computational and analytical tools for the prediction and assessment of damage and fracture in composite aerostructures and nonlinear materials. I am also interested on the field of aircraft/spacecraft design and aeroelasticity interlinked to the use of novel advanced materials in aerospace. I completed my PhD at University of  Swansea under the supervision of Prof DRJ Owen and a post-doctoral research post at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof N Petrinic.

I lead the Computer-Aided Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Research Group (research projects). More here

Dr Jose Luis Curiel-Sosa

Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield.

Phone:     (+44) - 11422 -27857

Email:   j.curiel-sosa@sheffield.ac.uk

Address:  Sir Frederik Mappin 

University of Sheffield

Mappin Street, Sheffield

S1 3JD

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