Complete List of Researchers


PhD researchers

  • Mahesa Akbar (Conceptual Design of Jet Transport Aircraft with Harvesting Energy Structure)
  • Mohammad Hasan (Aircraft Design - Computing Evaluation of a Novel Concept)
  • Fernando Cepero (Predicting Delamination Damage in the Machining of CFRP composites)
  • Razvan Apetrei (Active Flow and Load Control of Transonic Buffet on the next Generation Aircraft)
  • Yongqiang Hu (Computational Mechanics of Additive Manufacturing)
  • Oscar Seward (Investigation of  WC-Co/CFRP and diamond/CFRP tribo-systems by thermo-mechanical finite element analysis).

Former   Members


  • [2015-18] Meor Iqram Meor Ahmad (Structural Integrity Including Creep on Mechanical Components in Aerospace Applications)
  • [2015-18] Dr Nur Azam bin Abdullah (Numerical Modelling of Fracture and Aeroelasticity in Fluttering Composite Structures for Aerospace Applications)
  • [2013-17] Dr Behrooz Tafazzolimoghaddam (Computational Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue in Composite Laminates by means of XFEM and CZM). Last spotted working as a Research Fellow in Cranfield University.
  • [2013-17] Dr Joaquin Navarro-Zafra  (Computational mechanics of fracture in advanced composite materials)


  • Dr Juan Luis Martinez Vicente (Visiting Lecturer 2016; Assoc. Prof  UCLM, Ciudad Real, Spain)
  • Dr Maria Carmen Serna Moreno (Visiting Researcher; Assoc. Prof  UCLM)
  • Dr  Jose Manuel Liebana  Murillo (Visiting Fellow; University of Seville)
  • Dr Chao Zhang  (Visiting Lecturer 01/2017-01/2018; Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China)

CA2M 2017
From left: Dr Zhang, Azam, Raz, Dr Behrooz, Dr Curiel-Sosa, Mahesa, Hu, Meor, Hasan
2017 CA2M Forum
Behrooz's PhD Celebration
Razvan Apetrei, First Prize at Engineering Researchers Forum, 2017


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