Figure showing damage on cross-ply laminate after impact. Curiel-Sosa et al. IJ Damage Mechanics (2013)

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Dr Curiel-Sosa is a lecturer of Aircraft Design and Aircraft Aeroelasticity at the University of Sheffield. He has conducted research in the field of structural integrity of composite aerostructures and nonlinear materials since 2002. His main expertise is focused on the development of computational and analytical tools for the prediction and assessment of damage and fracture in composite aerostructures and nonlinear materials. He is also interested on the field of aircraft/spacecraft design and aeroelasticity interlinked to the use of novel advanced materials in aerospace. He completed his PhD at University of Swansea and his post-doc at the University of Oxford (see below).

He leads the Computer-Aided Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CA2M) ; (research projects).

CA2M Research Group

Computer-Aided Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering -CA2M- is a research group based at the University of Sheffield. Its aim is to develop novel research for enhanced predictive computational tools and to find solutions to engineering problems by means of advanced computer methods that can serve the industrial practice. The group investigate within a wide range of topics including:

  • Advanced computational analyses of nonlinear structures (composites, FGM, piezoelectric, elastic-plastic,...).
  • Innovative aerospace designs and systems through the advancement of numerical tools.
  • Enhancement of structural integrity analyses through the development of tailored computational techniques.
  • Failure assessment and prediction of damage (fracture, fatigue, ...)
  • Damage prediction in machining of composites.
  • Contribution to the advancement of methodologies for Aeroelasticity (flutter, divergence, control reversal, unsteady aerodynamics)

All above is conducted by using novel computational tools (XFEM, XIGA, DEM,...) for enhanced reliability and accurateness. Although the origin of CA2M is within the aerospace and mechanical engineering theme, problems in other engineering branches such as civil are also undertaken.

Professional Activities and Recognition

- Full member of the EPSRC College of Reviewers

- Reviewer for research grant proposals:

- Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

- Croatian Science Foundation (CSF)

- National Science Centre, Poland (NCN)

- Referee for 21 indexed scientific journals

- Inspirational Teaching Award nomination-by-students (2011)

- PhD external examiner (UK and internationally)

- Chairman -minisymposium- at 11th World Congress Comput Mechs

- Chairman -minisymposium- at 6th European Congress Comp Mech

- Invited external research seminars (Imperial College, Barcelona UPC, Sheffield Hallam, Swansea University)

- Member of the European Engineers Association (FEANI): EurIng

- Chartered engineer, UK Engineering Council (CEng).

- Co-Chair N8 High Performance Computing Network Event, N8HPC

- Affiliate, International Association of Computational Mechanics

- Affiliate, UK Association of Computational Mechanics (ACME).

- Member of Computational Mechanics and Design (CMD).

Research Interests

Composite Structures

- Prediction damage modelling

- Delamination

- Machining (UD composites, laminates,...)

Aircraft Design

- Numerical/Computational Evaluation

- Aeroelasticity and Load Control

- Structural Integrity

- Flutter Prediction

Computational Mechanics

- Multiscale techniques

- eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM)

- eXtended Isogeometric Analysis (XIGA)

- Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

- Finite Element Analyses (FEA)

Damage and Fracture Modelling

- Aerostructures

- Impact (composites, nonlinear materials,...)

- Wear and contact deterioration

Research Projects

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PhD & Post-Doc

PhD under the guidance of Prof D Roger J Owen, in the field of Computational Mechanics. Subsequently, he worked as a Post-doc in Impact Engineering at the University of Oxford (post funded by Rolls-Royce) under the supervision of Prof N Petrinic.



Jose Luis Curiel-Sosa