Research Team


Computer-Aided Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (CA2M) is a research group based on the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sheffield. Its aim is to develop novel research for enhanced predictive computational tools and to find solutions to engineering problems by means of advanced computer methods that can serve the industrial practice. The group investigate within a wide range of topics including:


  • Advanced computational analyses of nonlinear structures (composites, FGM, piezoelectric, elastic-plastic,...).


  • Innovative aerospace designs and systems through the advancement of numerical tools.


  • Enhancement of structural integrity analyses through the development of tailored computational techniques.


  • Failure assessment and prediction of damage (fracture, fatigue, ...)


  • Damage prediction in machining of composites.


  • Contribution to the advancement of methodologies for Aeroelasticity (flutter, divergence, control reversal, unsteady aerodynamics)


All above is conducted by using novel computational tools (XFEM, XIGA, DEM,...) for enhanced reliability and accurateness. Although the origin of CA2M is within the aerospace and mechanical engineering theme, problems in other engineering branches such as civil are also undertaken .




PhD researchers


  • Ahmed Al-Saadi (Self-sensing and self-healing composite laminates)
  • Meor Iqram Meor Ahmad (Structural Integrity Including Creep on Mechanical Components in Aerospace Applications)
  • Nur Azam bin Abdullah (Numerical Modeling of Passive Aeroelasticity on Self Healing Composite Light Aircraft)
  • Mahesa Akbar (Conceptual Design of Jet Transport Aircraft with Harvesting Energy Structure)
  • Mohammad Hasan (Aircraft Design - Computing Evaluation of a Novel Concept)
  • Fernando Cepero (Predicting Delamination Damage in the Machining of CFRP composites)
  • Razvan Apetrei (Active Flow Control)
  • Yongqiang Hu (Computational Mechanics of Additive Manufacturing)



Former Members


  • [2013-2017] Behrooz Tafazzolimoghaddam (Computational Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue in Composite Laminates by means of XFEM and CZM)
  • [2013-2017] Dr Joaquin Navarro-Zafra (Computational mechanics of fracture in advanced composite materials)



  • Dr Juan Luis Martinez Vicente (Visiting Lecturer 2016; Ass Prof UCLM, Ciudad Real, Spain)
  • Dr Maria Carmen Serna Moreno (Visiting Researcher; Ass Prof UCLM)
  • Dr Jose Manuel Liebana Murillo (Visiting Fellow; University of Seville)

Aircraft design concept airspeed contour plot

(N Syafiqah & JL Curiel-Sosa, 2014)